Renewable Energy


St. Clair County - Smiths Creek Landfill Gas-to-Electricity Plant

Bringing tomorrow’s sustainable power to life

CTI recognizes that renewable energy is the way of the future and is proud to be leading the way in the pursuit of high-tech alternatives. One real-world example of such an alternative was pioneered by CTI engineers in the form of a septage landfill bioreactor technology that provides a comprehensive waste management solution for the creation of renewable energy.

CTI’s patented technology combines municipal solid waste (MSW), septic tank sludge (septage) and organic waste (e.g., processed food waste) and converts them into biogas, which is then used to generate renewable energy.

CTI provides the following renewable energy services:

  • Market analyses (population, waste volume, septage volume and disposal need, availability of existing wastewater treatment facilities, etc.)
  • Renewable energy project feasibility study
  • Short- and long-term social, ecological, operational and financial impact analyses
  • Biogas-to-energy planning (low Btu, high Btu, gas-to electricity, etc.)
  • Funding application and administration (grant, low interest rate State Revolving Fund [SRF] loans, etc.)
  • Septage bioreactor landfill and organic digestion system (including methane recovery) planning, design, permitting, construction and operation

Realizing the emerging demand and costly issues associated with waste management planning (perpetual long-term care of closed landfills, organic waste diversion, banning of land applying septage, mandated recycling rate, etc.), we anticipate our efforts will grow in this area to meet the ever-increasing needs of this market in the realm of renewable energy, energy independence, security, and sustainability.