Site Characterization


USACE St. Louis District - Site Investigation

Characterizing a site with the end goals in mind

CTI understands the complex regulatory frameworks under which our clients must work as they address their legacy environmental contamination issues. In some cases, active public involvement with multiple stakeholders adds to the complications and further drives the need to properly characterize a site in a safe and timely manner.

CTI’s geologists, hydrogeologists, geophysicists, and engineers are highly experienced in developing site characterization strategies that not only address nature and extent of contamination, but also support potential interim actions, and ultimately address the end goals. We endeavor to collect an appropriate level of data in order to solve the problem, not just “study” the problem for the sake of answering questions that have no bearing on the solution. We have a proven track record of efficiently and cost-effectively characterizing complex sites rapidly, and in a manner that has led to site closure. CTI continues to develop innovations in site characterization approaches and routinely presents them in peer-reviewed publications and at technical conferences.

Our specialty areas include:

  • Soil, groundwater and sediment delineation
  • Source area characterization 
  • Radiological surveys using MARSSIM guidance
  • Fate and transport modeling
  • 3-D visualization
  • Feasibility studies, proposed plans and RODs
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Emerging contaminants